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North Yorks Environment Action

The joint North Yorkshire Green Parties environment action discussions are proceeding with representatives from a number of local parties. Since meetings started, the topics covered have broadened to include changes to local government in North Yorkshire, the environmental credibility of Drax wood burning, moves to bring together farming, ecology and the Green Party.

The next meeting is at 7:15pm on Monday 5 July 2021. It will use the Go To Meeting online conference service. You can connect to the conference using browser on a PC or laptop, or using the free Go To Meeting app on a smartphone or tablet (with these it is easiest to use the code shown below).

The link for the conference is The same link will continue to be used for meetings.

Information on Go To Meeting downloads is available. The PC based service prefers the use of the Chrome (or Chromium) or Microsoft Edge browser. For advice on how to use “Go To Meeting” please visit this link, or run a test session.

If you are unable to join using a digital device, you can still join using an ordinary telephone. The number to ring is 0203 713 5011. When asked for an ID, key in the code 605-180-141 (without the hyphens, they are just for readability). You will then be connected to the meeting.

Any problems, please call Martin Brampton on 01653 696210.

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