David Malone talks debt with Max Keiser

23 April 2013

David Malone, author of Debt Generation, and Scarborough Green Party candidate 2015: "I think this priesthood is corrupt."

 We ARE the Debt Generation...

  • The government has forced debt upon us.
  • They bailed out the banks and then forced debts on the population
  • "Who asked me?" There was no democracy in this.
  • WHY are we having these cuts? WHO is the money being given to?
  • Iceland - let the banks FAIL.
  • Why should WE bail out these reckless banks?
  • Ireland, held up as an example, is sinking...
  • It has the wholehearted collusion of the media
  • How ridiculous, to use credit cards to pay rent??? There's no good way out of that...
  • There was NEVER open debate.
  • SHOULD we be bailing out insolvent banks? there was no discussion!
  • It was claimed there were no different points of view. That's a LIE.
  • It's one thing to have your wallet stolen. It's another thing to be condescended to by the man who stole it!
  • Whether we bail out IRISH banks, or Greek banks, it's still the BANKS which are being bailed out!
  • Mortgages were fraudulently sold.
  • It's a crisis of democracy - the rule of law is being undermined.
  • suddenly, among the financial class, any amount of lying is justified...
  • A growing minority are challenging this.
  • I think this priesthood is corrupt.

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