Leslie Rowe

21 January 2013


Leslie Rowe, Richmond Green Party, pictured with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.

The 2015 Richmond Parliamentary candidate, Leslie Rowe is lives in Brompton on Swale, near Richmond, North Yorkshire. Leslie Rowe stood for Richmond in the 2005 and 2010 General Elections, and is also a former parish councillor.

Leslie has been married to his wife Ann for 23 years and they have three children, two at university and one at Richmond School. 

Leslie Rowe has stood for the Green Party on several occasions including:

• 2005: against William Hague in the General Election, getting one of the best Green results in Yorkshire. (Leslie claims to have won the only all party hustings in that election in Richmond, with William Hague left tongue tied over his support for the Iraq war and the Labour candidate apologising for Tony Blair's instigation of it!)

• 2007: Leslie Rowe came within 54 votes of winning a seat on Richmondshire District Council for Brompton on Swale and Scorton.

Leslie runs his own charity management consultancy and specialises in the management of public and not for profit organisations. As a consequence, Leslie is very aware of the challenges that face business, local government and charities in particular. He is a former finance director of Richmondshire Leisure Trust and was a governor of Richmond School.

Leslie Rowe has been a member of the Green Party since 2003. Leslie has previously stood for Parliament (Croydon North West in 1987 and Ealing Acton in 1992) and the European Parliament in 1989. His interest in politics grew as a schoolboy in North Lincolnshire.

Leslie Rowe says, "I am particularly interested in loosening the grip that multi-national companies, bankers and oligarchs have on our political and social institutions.

"I am concerned that their increasing control over British politics is causing a system of "rotten boroughs" - too many elected representatives have financial relationships with big business.

"What we see as a result is the increasing privatisation of the NHS - under Labour as well as the Con Dem coalition - and legislation such as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership allowing corporations to bring actions against governments for breach of their "rights"."

Leslie Rowe -

  • is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant,
  • gained a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) as a mature student in 1994, and
  • knows the legislation needed to force all companies trading in the UK to pay their fair share of taxes!

Leslie is an archer with Scorton Archers and regularly swims at Richmond pool.

Leslie particularly enjoys the freedom of the Yorkshire Dales and the tea shops along the way!


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Leslie Rowe


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Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond